First is naruto he has a short but powerful family first is his godfather/master jiraiya.Jiraiya is a legendary sannin which means he is on of the most powerful ninja's konoha has every prouduced.He was the master of naruto and the fourth hokage which is naruto's dad. Minato (the fourth hokage)was a highly skilled ninja and was the master of Kakashi Hakate and two other students, Obito Uchiha and Rin Nohara . He was also the student of the legendary sannin Jiraiya and was married to the beautiful Kushina Uzumaki.Kushina is naruto's mother and was the second jinchuriki for the nine tailed fox right after mito uzumaki/senju and before naruto uzumaki.Last but not least is naruto he is the star of the series naruto and naruto shippuden and is the third jinchuriki for the nine tailed fox.He has a good personality and will not give up till he becomes hokage. Naruto marries Hyuga Hinata and has two children, Himawari and Boruto (Bolt) who are close to Sasuke and Sakura Uchiha's family.