This a family tree for neji lets start with his uncle Hiashi. Hiashi is neji's uncle,he is a very skilled ninja. He is in the Hyuga clan so he has byakugan which is one of the great legendary eyes.He's in the main branch house which means he had the privleges to learn the secrets to the byakugan.He also has two daughters and twin brother named Hizashi.Hizashi is neji's father and is also a hyuga member which means he has byakugan.He is a member of the the other branch house so he was not able to no the secrets to his powers.Hizashi died for his twin brother because he is one of the main branch members and is very important to that branch house.He also has two niece one is named hinata.Hinata is Neji's cousin and the daughter of Hiashi.When she was little Hinata was not up to her father's expectations so he favored her sister more but when hinata was older she became a very skilled kounichi.She is now up or mabye even past her fathers expectations.Her sister is named Hanbi and is younger than Hinata.Not much is known of her but when little was favored by her father more than Hinata was because she was stronger and more confident in her self.Last but not least is the most powerful Hyuga member Neji hyuga.Neji is one of the main naruto supporting characters and is very skilled.Every byakugan user is able to normally see 50 meters but Neji was able to strenghthen his to 800 meters in the time of 2 to 3 years by his self.Now every member of the Hyuga clan that is not in the main branch like Neji is not allowed to see the secerts of the byakugan's full abilities.Neji was able to master the techniques by himself which everyone to call him a genius.